Red Deer Architects

Red Deer design spaces & objects, seeking to demystify the process of working with an architect in both residential and food & beverage. The practice was founded by architects Lionel Real de Azúa, Ciarán O’Brien and Lucas Che Tizard in an attempt to better engage with the world around them. A love for the ‘unexpected form’ is a starting point in their design work, studio ethos and adventures in travel.

Describing themselves, the founders say they are ‘grown men with crayons’ referencing their approach to work as creative, without boundaries and excited by challenges. Red Deer consider design as the playful pursuit of studied carelessness, forging strong relationships with their clients on each project in order to fully understand how they can bring their language of design to each collaboration.

Red Deer’s founders have an ancestry from France, North America, Uruguay, Argentina, Great Britain and Ireland, all sharing a common inhabitant of the red deer species. The practice has since grown and now employs eleven architects from nine nationalities.

Client: Red Deer Architects

Red Deer talk about Digital Nomadism at TEDxClerkenwell 2016

A semi retrospective about how the world of business is changing predominantly through the use of technology and hyper connectivity. How Red Deer was set up in terms of software, hardware, real and virtual. And what is the juxtaposition between designing autonomously and creating physically and the challenges that this brings.